CISCO Premium Complete CCNA v3.0 CCNPv2.0 Home Lab Kit – Cisco Certified


$2,200.00 $1,870.00


Included Items: 


6x CISCO2611XM Routers (2 FE, 2 Serial Ports each) 256D/48F 12.4 IOS

1x CISCO3640 Router (1 Fast Ethernet, 12 Serial Ports) 64D/16F 12.4 IOS (Frame-Relay Router)

1x CISCO2511 Access Server Router with 1x OCTAL Cable (has 8 RJ45s terminal lines) 16F/16D (Backbone Router)

3x CISCO2620 Routers (1 Ethernet, 1 Serial Port each) 16F/32D 12.4 IOS


2x WS-C3550-24PWR-SMI with latest EMI Layer-3 Image

2x WS-C3550-24-SMI with latest EMI Layer-3 Image

Module Card:

3x NM-4T Serial Module Card

1x NM-1FE-TX Serial Module Card

6x WIC-2T Serial Module Card

3x WIC-1T Serial Module Card


1x CAB-OCTAL for 2511 Router

6x CAB-SS-2660 back-to-back Serial Cables

3x CAB-DB60 back-to-back Serial Cables

7x CAT5e Ethernet Cable

4x Crossover Cable

4x Console Cable

15x Power Cord

Bonus DVD:

1.SDM 2.5 Software

2.TFTP Server Software

3.Lab Examples and their Solution similar to the CCNP, SECURITY and VOICE labs.


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